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OC list
OTP meme
Wanted some points, so I thought I would do some commissions.   Since I'm more confident in my writing, I'm doing short fic commissions.

So it's 250 points for a 500 word fic.   Only three slots this time.

1. :iconarisenlicious: - Paid
2.  :iconyuuhin:

Writing examples:
04 - On a date - Maya/Asahi“You sure you’re not bored or anything?”   Maya wrapped her hands around the can of soda and glanced at the volleyball player sitting next to her on the bench.  “We could have done something else.  We still could if you want.”
Asahi just smiled at her reassuringly. “I’m not bored,” he said, and didn’t say anything about this being the third time she had asked him.  He looked around at the outdoor art show she had dragged him too. “I’ve never been to something like this before.  It’s really interesting.”
She relaxed a little, and leaned back against the bench. “I’m glad,” she said and leaned against him a little.  He stiffened, and made a noise in the back of his throat but didn’t move away.  “I mean, I know you said it was fine when I showed you the flyer, but it wouldn’t be much of a date if I was the only one enjoying myself.”
Pride and GriefThe workroom in Aries temple was cold at night but Shion didn't feel like lighting the fires that would warm it just now.   There was enough light coming from the small lantern he had sitting on a shelf to make his work of sorting through the Cloths easier.  He was trying to figure out the order of repair for them.  First by which Saint was healthy enough to need them soon, then by how wounded the Cloth itself was.   It was somewhat tricky work but it was work that he knew well, and it was work that helped to occupy his mind.
He should be resting now, he knew.   After what had happened today, Lady Athena herself had come down to speak with him.  To console him in her own way, and to tell him kindly that he should rest tonight.   It was an order from his goddess.  He should be obeying it, but he just couldn't.  Each time he closed his eyes all he could see was his Master laying
Just a moment(Mass Effect.
Layla's one of Aria's pet hackers. Bray is one of her enforcers. ...Why is she friends with him again? (Semi Bray/OC))
An insistent beeping broke through Layla's dreams, and dragged her back to the land of reality with a sharp snap.  She jerked upright, blinking incomprehensibly at the tangle of computers, electronics and monitors that served as her workstation.  It was several seconds before her mind was able to focus enough to identity 'back office' as her current location.  Damn.  She had been working late last night, but she didn't think she had been that tired!  Half her face was numb where it had been resting on her desk, and when she dragged her hand across her cheek she dislodged a stray washer that had somehow gotten stuck to her face.  It fell to the floor with a sharp ping and Layla stared at in for several seconds as her sleep fogged brain tried to dreg up the energy to wonder about it.
It was the damn beeping that penetrated through to her brain en
Between Breaths((Mass Effect.
Garrus, Victus and a moment between battles on Menae.))
Menae was one of the worst battles Garrus had ever been involved in. Oh sure, Saren and the Collectors had been bad, but at least he had know where the goal was with those.   Here,there was no goal, no end to the fighting.  Just wave after wave of enemies that you hoped you could hold out against until a miracle happened.  That was what he kept thinking they were going to need to defeat the Reapers, an outright miracle.
Surprised I can sleep at all with that on my mind, was the thought that ran through his mind as he rolled out of his bunk to make way for the next shift to come in for downtime.  All personnel currently on the moon had been assigned to various rotating shifts to make sure that there was always someone fighting, and that everyone got some sort of rest. Of course, with the limited space that meant everything was, very, very tightly scheduled.

Series I will write for:
Saint Seiya, Haikyuu, Diamond no Ace, Kuroko no Basket, Eyeshield 21, Prince of Tennis, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, One Piece, Free!, Ouran High School Host Club, Katekyo Hitman Reborn

What I'll write:
-Suggestive situations
-Mild violence

What I won't write:
-Explicit scenes

I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.

Star!For a commission, please fill out the form below and send it to me in a note.  When I've received it and confirmed your slot, then please send me the points. I won't start writing until I've received them.  I'll try to get the commission done within a week.
 Please remembered that these are short fics.  There isn't room for long, complicated plots.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

For canon only fics:
Character(s) you want in the fic:
Pairing(s) if any:
Brief description of the scene/situation for the fic:
Any other information you want considered:

For OC fics:
Canon character(s) you want in the fic:
Name of the OC(s):
Pairing(s) if any:
Brief description of the OC(s) personality and any links that would be helpful for this:
OC's relationship with the canon character(s):
Brief description of the scene/situation for the fic:
Any other information you want considered:


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